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What We Do

BSMN Consultancy is proud of the services that we provide to our global list of clients. We offer a range of managed web design and development services – no jargon, no sales pitch, ‘just providing the services needed to help our clients succeed.

The BSMN Consultancy Rescue Package

BSMN provides WordPress management, administration, security, updates, maintenance and support for your peace of mind.

Managing a WordPress site is a huge strain on resources – the BSMN Rescue Package frees up your resources to concentrate on their own core responsibilities to grow your business, and not worry about patches, updates and backups. Allow our expert team to take care of all your WordPress management needs.

Want to hire us?

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We provide great
solutions for

Web Design

Your website constitutes the most vital component of the marketing plan of your company. It forms the central hub for your messaging and content marketing initiatives

Web Development

We give excellent customized software development administrations by utilizing center advances, for example, AI, IoT, blockchain.

Online store

We provide eCommerce solutions to small and medium businesses in the fashion, home furnishing, health and beauty, electronics, entertainment and sports categories.

Website optimization

We will apply all best practises and configure caching, preload fonts, unload unnecessary scripts, optimize images and give recommendations.

Managed hosting

We provide reliable and secure hosting that requires minimal maintenance.

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If you have any question or doubt please contact us. We’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.